Technology plateforms


We present here the list of the different software editors used by management companies to meet the challenges of digitalization. We have classified them by category. 

Front to back software offers for the most part a set of functionalities including CRM, asset/liability management of transactions, a portal and the management of financial and ESG KPIs. When these software products offer specific modules outside of the complete package, they also appear in the relevant categories.

The CRM category presents the various CRMs dedicated or configured for private equity. We have not indicated here the generic players. The dedicated CRMs allow you to monitor at least the ecosystem, the deal flow and the fundraising.

The KYC / Onboarding category includes KYC management solutions and investor onboarding solutions. Our list of sanction and PEP database vendors is available upon request. 

The Advanced category presents softwares with a wide range of functionalities: deal sourcing, valuation, cash flow modeling, capitalization table management, regulatory reporting, integration and automatic reading of documents…